All Nippon Airways parent ANA Holdings will work with US electric air taxi developer Joby Aviation and property developer Nomura Real Estate to study the development of vertiports in Japan.

The three companies will “explore the design, location, operation and financing” of vertiports in Japan, pending the deployment of air taxi services in the Asia-Pacific nation, says ANA Holdings.


Source: Joby Aviation

Joby Aviation is flight testing its pre-production electric vertical take-off and landing prototype with a pilot on board

The companies will focus on major metropolitan areas such as Tokyo, followed by other urban locations.

Joby has formed extensive relationships with Japan and is a technical advisor on a project sponsored by the Tokyo Metropolitan government to explore mobility solutions, including a possible floating landing port in Tokyo Bay.

Japan’s Toyota Motor Corporation is also supplying Joby with powertrain and actuation systems for its developmental electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft.

Joby and Toyota first announced a partnership in January 2020. At the time, the carmaker said its primary interest was providing mobility for all by leveraging emerging technologies. In addition to investing $394 million in Joby, Toyota would “share its expertise in manufacturing, quality and cost controls for the development and production of Joby Aviation’s breakthrough eVTOL aircraft”.

In addition, Joby, ANA Holdings, and Toyota have teamed up to create a ridesharing service in Japan.

In February, the three companies said that the partners will collaborate on all aspects of a transportation network, including “development of infrastructure, pilot training, flight operations, air traffic management, public acceptance, and the regulatory requirements to operate”.