UK regulators are to adopt European certification standards for electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft.

Announcing its decision to mirror the European Union Aviation Safety Agency’s rules – known as Special Conditions (SC)-VTOL – the Civil Aviation Agency says move is in the industry’s interests.

Vertical Exterior_Helipad

Source: Vertical Aerospace

Bristol-based Vertical Aerospace is developing VX4

“Harmonising safety standards across nations and continents helps to maintain high levels of safety, as well as reducing industry costs and avoiding duplication of effort.

“By working together the UK industry has easier access to the wider global market.”

The CAA says it will continue to “proactively engage and collaborate with other global national aviation authorities, such as the US Federal Aviation Administration, to share approaches, lessons learned and safety insights” related to the new sector.

Several UK companies are developing eVTOL aircraft, notably Bristol-based Vertical Aerospace, which is targeting service entry for its VX4 in 2025.

Vertical’s initial flight-test prototype is currently being assembled at partner GKN Aerospace’s Global Technology Centre in Bristol. GKN supplies the VX4’s wing and electrical wiring system.