US interiors specialist C&L Aviation Services has gained approval for a modification of the Embraer ERJ-135 which transforms the regional jet into an all-business-class layout.

Covered by a supplemental type certificate (STC), the structural alterations include relocation of the seat tracks – allowing for a 1-1 layout – and a central rather than offset aisle, which is also wider than that of the original. Improvements to the galley are also included.

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Source: Vytautas Kielaitis/Shutterstock

The changes reduce capacity from 37 to 16 seats, each with a 43in pitch.

Bangor, Maine-based C&L is developing a separate amendment for the larger ERJ-145 and expects US Federal Aviation Administration approval for the change by year-end. This cuts capacity from 50 to 24 seats, says C&L.

However, in order for these modifications to be implemented, changes under a separate STC are also required, says the company. These include the removal of the overhead bins, installation of new ceiling and valance panels, plus new cabin lighting.

Additionally, C&L is developing several other upgrades for the legacy Embraer jet, including a new first-class seat design.

Embraer in May launched its own conversion programme for the ERJ-145, which includes the removal of overhead bins and installation of 16 to 28 “premium seats” in a 1-1 layout.