Chinese advanced air mobility firm EHang has entered into a strategic partnership with Guangzhou Greater Bay Technology for electric vertical take off and landing (eVTOL) battery production. 

The partnership, announced 28 April, will see both companies promote the research and development, as well as the subsequent production of, eVTOL power system components and modules. 

EHang EH216-S

Source: EHang

EHang’s EH216-S

They will jointly develop power cells, battery packs, and energy storage systems based on EHang’s eVTOL family, including the EH216-S passenger grade eVTOL. 

The company states that the partnership lays “an ecological foundation for commercial operations of the low-altitude economy”. 

Privately-owned Greater Bay Technology focuses on the development and production of extreme-fast charging batteries for electric vehicles.  

EHang CEO Huazhi Hu adds: “Our cooperation will promote the establishment of [ultra-fast charging battery] ecology for eVTOL aircraft, reduce the charging time of eVTOL, and strengthen the foundation for low-cost, large-scale and high-efficiency commercial operations in the low-altitude economy.”

EHang became the first eVTOL developer in the world to gain regulatory validation for its aircraft, after its autonomous EH216-S was certificated by Chinese regulators in October 2023. In early April, the company was greenlit by regulators to mass produce the EH216-S.