Dutch start-up Elysian Aircraft – which hopes to develop a battery-powered 90-seat airliner called the E9X – has added a swathe of senior executives to its advisory board.

In all, eight people have joined the body, drawn largely from the Dutch aerospace industry and research organisations, including a representative from flag carrier KLM.

Elysian E9X render

Source: Elysian Aircraft

Elysian aims to develop a 90-passenger, all-electric airliner

They will “provide advice, input, and support for the design, development, and commercialisation” of the 430nm (800km)-range E9X that it unveiled in January, says Elysian.

“Each member embodies a vital part of the aviation ecosystem required for the electrification of air travel.”

New appointees include: Jolanda Stevens, programme manager zero-emission aviation at KLM; Michel Peters, chief executive of the Royal Netherlands Aerospace Centre (NLR); Roel Hellemons, chief of Eindhoven airport; Roelof Vos, associate professor, aircraft design at Delft University of Technology; and Roland van Dijk, chief executive of Fokker Services Group.

At least two of those individuals are already known to Elysian: Vos was a co-author of a research paper distributed by the company in January addressing the potential for full-electric aircraft, while the business run by van Dijk is a sister company within the Panta Holdings group.

Rounding out the advisory board are: Michiel van Dorst, chief executive of Dutch ATC provider LNVL; Hans Wijers, former minister of economic affairs and previous chief of chemicals firm AkzoNobel; and Dirk-Maarten Molenaar, managing director and senior partner at Boston Consulting Group.

Elysian says KLM will provide “valuable insight regarding airline operations and what is needed for airline fleets in the future”, while airport input will allow the company to understand ground operations and infrastructure requirements.

“By introducing this cutting-edge design, Elysian has established itself as a valuable partner in the industry, and we are proud to be a part of this innovative step forward,” adds Stevens.

Elysian has also set up a supervisory board that includes former Tesla executive Jelle Vastert, former Dutch railways president Timo Hughes and Pierre Martel from investor Caravelle.