Joint venture FADEC Alliance has been selected to design and develop the electronic control system architecture for the CFM International RISE open-rotor demonstrator engine.

Alongside managing the main control architecture and overall requirements, the business will develop multiple subsystems through two phases.

RISE-c-CFM International

Source: CFM International

The first will focus on an “expanded control system to accommodate new interfaces associated with an open-fan concept”, says FADEC Alliance. Phase two, meanwhile, will address key aspects of the engine’s advanced systems.

FADEC Alliance comprises units of BAE Systems, GE Aerospace, and Safran.

Development activities to support the RISE progamme will take place at BAE Systems’ site in Endicott, New York, and Safran’s facility in Massy, France.

Through RISE, CFM will mature the technologies required for a next-generation engine to enter service in the mid-2030s.