In-house production of the wings for the latest NXT variant of the Dornier 228 is under way at the facilities of type certificate holder General Atomics AeroTec Systems (GA-ATS) in Oberpfaffenhofen, Germany.

General Atomics acquired the Do 228 programme in February when it bought what was then RUAG Aerospace Services, subsequently renaming it GA-ATS.

Do228 NXT -c-General Atomics AeroTec Systems

Source: General Atomics AeroTec Systems

GA-ATS will assemble the Do 228 NXT in Oberpfaffenhofen in Germany

Following a successful prototyping phase, the company has now begun series production of wing panels for the Do 228 NXT utility turboprop, with the assembly of the entire wing to follow.

“The planning for the assembly of the wing has already been completed and preparations are in the final stages,” GA-ATS states.

Production of the first fuselage by French aerostructures specialist Potez Aeronautique is also under way.

This will ultimately lead to final assembly of the whole aircraft at Oberpfaffenhofen.

GA-ATS says its priority is to establish a “stable supply chain primarily focusing on German and European suppliers” for the Do 228 NXT.

Other updates to the legacy twin-turboprop include a new Garmin glass cockpit.

“The start of production of the wing for the new Do 228 NXT marks an important milestone for General Atomics AeroTec Systems,” says Erik Bollen, the company’s managing director.