HAECO’s cabin solutions unit has teamed up with Diehl Aviation on three cabin product upgrades for narrowbody aircraft. 

The three upgraded products are “designed to reduce weight, increase capacity and improve passenger comfort”, say the two companies in a joint announcement. 

The first product, known as ‘Aft-Simplex’, is a galley/lavatory complex fitted at the aft of the aircraft. HAECO claims that it weighs at least 70kg (155lbs) less than similar products from other suppliers, and also saves space. 

With the ‘Aft-Simplex’, HAECO says operators can add an additional of seats at the end of the aircraft. 

“When installed in combination with HAECO’s Vector Light seats, overall aircraft weight is reduced by up to 800kg, an unprecedented improvement in operating economics for single-aisle aircraft,” the company states. 

The second joint product combines HAECO’s fixed-shell Eclipse seats with Diehl’s “unique floor-to-floor solution”, which allows the seats to be configured five-abreast “without compromising passenger comfort or privacy”. HAECO unveiled the staggered Eclipse seats in 2019, targeting the narrowbody premium economy or business market. 

Lastly, both companies have also rolled out an enlarged overhead bin, meant for Boeing 737 family aircraft. 

The design can be installed without modifying the aircraft structure or Passenger Service Unit interfaces, both companies add, and weighs less than current products.