Hybrid Air Vehicles (HAV) has revealed that it will produce its Airlander 10 at a purpose-built factory at Carcroft Common in the north of England. 

Previously, HAV had said the production site would be near Doncaster in South Yorkshire but had not specified a location. 

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Source: Hybrid Air Vehicles

Airlander 10 will be built at a new site in the north of England

To be based on a 50-hectare site near the former mining town of Adwick-le-Street, on land identified by Doncaster City Council for economic development, the factory will be capable of building up to 24 Airlander 10s annually. 

HAV will acquire the freehold for the land and will now begin the process of submitting a planning application. 

Should this be granted, HAV will develop facilities for the Airlander 10’s production, testing, and certification operations. 

HAV claims a “reserved orderbook” for the Airlander 10 worth in excess of £1 billion ($1.2 billion), with the first aircraft set to enter service from 2028.

“Airlander 10 will transform what’s possible for sustainable air travel, and Carcroft Common will deliver the flagship production centre we need to do that, creating over 1,200 jobs and a £1 billion per annum export,” says HAV chief executive Tom Grundy.

“We look forward to working closely with the community as we launch our production programme and progress this extraordinary project.”