Joby Aviation has completed construction of its second prototype production aircraft and broken ground on an expansion of its production line in Marina, California.

The Santa Cruz-based air taxi developer said on 29 April that the manufacturing facility is expected to begin operations next year. It will double the company’s manufacturing footprint and allow Joby to produce up to 25 aircraft per year.

“The new facility will also house an expanded pilot training and flight simulation centre, and maintenance facilities, which will be used to support Joby’s early operations,” the company says. It adds that the new facility will be funded partly by a $9.8 million grant from Californi’s business development office.


Source: Joby Aviation

California air-taxi developer Joby Aviation has completed its second production prototype aircraft and begun expanding its production facility

The second prototype will, following final testing later this year, join the first airframe, which was delivered to the US Air Force (USAF) at Edwards Air Force base in Southern California in September. 

Joby says additional aircraft are currently in final assembly, with parts for multiple subsequent aircraft in production.

Last month, the company said it also plans to deliver two aircraft to MacDill AFB in Florida next year as part of an extended partnership with the USAF. Joby’s piloted, four-passenger aircraft has also received interest from the US Marine Corps and US Army.

Also in March, the Federal Aviation Administration issued final airworthiness criteria for Joby’s aircraft, a first for the eVTOL segment. Additionally, the company recently completed the third part of the FAA’s five-stage type certification process and has launched a for-certification flight-testing programme.