Russian authorities have cancelled the MAKS Moscow air show for the second time in a row, shifting the event to 2025.

MAKS 2024 was due to take place in late July.

But the organiser, Aviasalon, has formally stated that the show “will not be held” this year, in accordance with a decision from the Russian government.

It indicates that the postponement relates to a “need to comply with additional security measures” regarding military areas which could “inconvenience” participants and attendees.


Source: Aviasalon

Postponement took into account the Russian air force’s need to avoid diverting resources

MAKS is held at the Ramenskoye airfield, taking place every two years.

But the 2023 event – the first since the Ukrainian conflict began – was cancelled, with the intention of holding it this year.

Aviasalon points out, however, that one of the main attractions of the show is its combat aircraft flight programme, and the decision has taken into account the “inexpediency” of diverting the Russian air force’s technical resources and personnel from its “main tasks”.

It says the show, the 16th edition of the event, is “scheduled for the summer of 2025”.

Aviasalon states that it is continuing to work with potential exhibitors and partners, and efforts are underway to maintain the event’s infrastructure and keep it in proper condition.

“There is no doubt that, in terms of the number of new products [and other features], MAKS 2025 will be one of the most exciting events of the decade,” it adds.