President Joe Biden’s administration on February 15 indicated that it is awarding some $970 million for improvements to airports in 44 states across the USA. 

Part of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal of 2021, the awards add to more than $2 billion of previously announced airport terminal improvement projects, according to the US Department of Transportation (DOT). 

”Investments enhancing the passenger experience include new baggage systems, larger security checkpoints, increasing gate capacity and modernising ageing infrastructure throughout terminals and ground transportation,” the DOT says.  


Source: San Fra

San Francisco International airport is among those targeted for sustainability-related improvements 

The infrastructure law dedicates more than $25 billion to modernising the country’s airport infrastructure, including $1 billion annually for terminal projects over a five-year period. 

Several of the projects involve building new terminal buildings or expanding existing ones, such as a $35 million for a new 14-gate terminal at Virginia’s Washington Dulles International airport and $20 million for a 16-gate expansion at Salt Lake City International airport. About $10 million will go toward rehabilitation and expansion of the existing terminal at Hector International airport in Fargo, North Dakota. 

Major airports in Chicago, Denver, Hawaii and Louisville, Kentucky are in line for major improvements to security screening areas, while those in Los Angeles, Fort Myers and New Orleans are due for roadway and airport transportation upgrades. 

Other grants are focused on sustainability, such as $31 million for replacing critical components of the heating and cooling systems at San Francisco International airport. 

Nine of the grants are intended to modernise ageing air traffic control towers.