Sichuan Airlines has signed a five-year agreement with Honeywell for APUs on its Airbus A320 fleet.

The deal will cover the outfitting of 93 incoming A320 aircraft by 2025, as well as the retrofitting of the Chinese carrier’s existing fleet of 141 A320 family aircraft, with Honeywell’s 131-9A APU.


Source: Wikimedia Commons

A Sichuan Airlines Airbus A321

The retrofit is the largest such deal in Honeywell’s history, the company states.

It adds: “The 131-9A APU will help Sichuan Airlines reduce flight delays and cancellations, creating a more pleasant flying experience for passengers.”

Honeywell Aerospace president for Asia-Pacific Steven Lien says: ““We see a strong recovery and large potential for China’s aviation industry, as well as local airlines’ growing competitiveness worldwide. Honeywell is committed to supporting this market, providing customers with exceptional solutions and equipping local support teams to help them create value and improve efficiency.”

Cirium fleets data indicates that apart from the A320 family aircraft, the Chengdu-based carrier also has A350s and A330s in its fleet.