French aircraft developer VoltAero has begun certification testing of the parallel hybrid-electric powertrain that will equip its five-seat Cassio 330.

Installed on a ground-test bench, the powertrain integrates a Safran Electrical & Power ENGINeUS 100 electric motor and Kawasaki’s four-cylinder high-performance thermal engine.

Volt powertrain-c-VoltAero

Source: VoltAero

Hybrid-electric powertrain combines Safran electric motor with Kawasaki thermal engine

VoltAero says the configuration provides a combined 330kW of power: 180kW from the electric motor and 150kW from the Kawasaki engine.

“Full-scale powertrain certification testing for our Cassio 330 marks another important step in VoltAero’s commitment to produce a new-generation electric-hybrid aircraft family, bringing together our proprietary powertrain with an airframe that is optimised for aerodynamic and operational efficiency,” says Jean Botti, VoltAero chief executive and chief technology officer.

Test activities are being performed in Bayonne in southwest France, at facilities belonging to Akira Technologies, which is providing transmission systems to the Cassio programme.

Flight test activities using VoltAero’s Cassio S testbed – a modified Cessna 337 – have already validated the overall hybrid-electric architecture, says Botti.

The Cassio S has performed more than 230 flights since October 2020, accumulating more than 170h.

Certification of the Cassio 330 is targeted for late 2025. First flight is set for year-end.