French start-up VoltAero has broken ground on a new final assembly line for its Cassio family of hybrid-electric aircraft.

Located at Rochefort airport in western France, the 2,400sq m (25,900sq ft) facility should be complete by August 2024, the company says.

Cassio 330 -c-VoltAero

Source: VoltAero

At full rate, VoltAero expects to build up to 150 Cassio aircraft each year.

Incorporating the final assembly line, workshop, logistics area and design and engineering offices, the site has the potential to expand to 7,400sq m if required. It also features direct access to the airport’s 2,280m (7,480ft)-long runway.

Production will start with the five-seat Cassio 330, followed by the six-seat Cassio 440 and 12-seat Cassio 600.

VoltAero says the aircraft can serve multiple missions including commercial transport, air taxi or charter, and cargo and utility operations.

Certification for the Cassio 330 is targeted for the end of 2024.