After more than 20 years as the AGES Group, the US-based but Swedish-owned company announced yesterday at Le Bourget that it had been re-named Volvo Aero Services.

One of the world's leading distributors of aviation spares, the company has decided to change the emphasis of its business from trading to offering a seamless factory outlet in the industry, where brand, quality and reliability are important for customers.

Explains Volvo Aero Services president Claes Malmros: "We are changing the focus of our operations... becoming a company which develops long-term relationships with customers. More and more we are concentrating on buying what our customers need."

Volvo has had an 86.4% holding in AGES since 1999 and the change of name denotes that the company now complies with the Swedish group's core values of quality, safety and concern for the environment. A year ago there were 10 companies operating in the sector and now there are only three, which illustrates the importance of being linked with a major player like Volvo.


Meanwhile, Volvo Aero Services announced at the show yesterday that it had reached agreement with American Airlines (AA) to buy and subsequently market its entire inventory of surplus spare parts. This follows on from similar agreements with Boeing (Volvo Aero Services lists more than three-quarters of the Seattle company's parts inventory) and component producers Honeywell.

"We will be setting up a joint AA/Volvo Aero Services processing centre in Tulsa, Oklahoma which will accept deliveries from the airline's spares stores"

Source: Flight Daily News