THEBUNKER-BUSTING capability of the Boeing (formerly Rockwell)AGM-130 stand-off weapon has been demonstrated in a high-altitude, steep-attack, launch from a USAir Force McDonnell Douglas F-15E.

The AGM-130, with the BLU-109/B hard-target-penetrator warhead, imaging-infra-red seeker and global-positioning-system guidance, was launched at 5,000ft (1,500m) and climbed to 10,000ft before pitching over to attack the target.

The weapon-system ofÌcer on the launch aircraft adjusted the aim point via datalink during the dive and the weapon hit the ßat reinforced-concrete structure at an angle of more than 80í.

A previous launch had demonstrated the weapon's ability to lower its cruise altitude to ßy under cloud cover and still strike the target at a steep angle, according to Boeing.o

Source: Flight International