Twinjet will be based on single-turboprop Epic LT

Aircraft Investor Resources (AIR) and its Tiblisi, Georgia-based manufacturing partner TAM, already working together on the single-turboprop Epic LT, have announced plans to develop a very light jet.

The TAM-AIR Twinjet is based on the Epic LT, with 85% airframe and systems commonality, says AIR chief executive Rick Schrameck. About 70-75% of the same moulds will be used to produce the all-composite jet, he says.

The Twinjet will also be developed under the same business model used for the Epic LT, with the aircraft marketed initially in the experimental category, with buyer-builders completing their aircraft at AIR's factory in Bend, Oregon. Once 20-25 aircraft have been completed, certification will be applied for, says Schrameck.

AIR expects first delivery of a customer-completed Epic LT in January next year, with US certification in mid-2006. The Twinjet would follow six to eight months behind, says Schrameck. In each case, AIR plans to flight test the full certification flight envelope, including flutter and spins, before delivering the first experimental-category aircraft. The Epic LT has completed 100h of flight testing.

The experimental-category Twinjet will cost $1.4-1.5 million compared with $1.2 million for the Epic LT. The certificated Twinjet is expected to cost just under $2 million compared with $1.8-1.9 million for the Epic LT, says Schrameck.



Source: Flight International