Air France, now a signed-up member of the Airbus A380 club following an official ceremony this week, has identified five primary routes for the aircraft. The super-jumbo will be used to serve New York, Montreal, Los Angeles, Miami and Tokyo from the French capital.

Airline president Jean-Cyril Spinetta foresees no problems over the ability of airports to handle the volume of passenger movements generated by the 555-seat aircraft. "We have not been in touch with US airports on this issue, but then we don¹'t see this as a real revolution," he says.

The airline already operates high-density charter flights carrying around 500 people on Boeing 747s. "We will probably have to do a few little things at Paris Charles de Gaulle and other airports, but nothing that cannot be phased in during the time available."

At this stage Air France plans to operate the A380 with a 555-seat three-class, "but things could change slightly".

Source: Flight Daily News