Frightener fitted

A new laser-based system for scaring birds away from airports has been installed at Beauvais airport in France and is, says manufacturer Lord Ingenierie, "attracting a lot of interest worldwide". Lord Ingenierie product manager Alain Danielou says the TOM500 system is being evaluated by London Heathrow, Bangkok International, Sharjah in the UAE and Dublin airports, as well as the Chinese and South Korean air forces. The system works by scanning a 500mW green laser beam across the area to be cleared of birds. "It acts like a big stick and frightens them away," says Danielou.

Emirates on call

Emirates expects to complete the fleet-wide installation of AeroMobile's in-flight phone system by the end of 2008, having committed to fit all its aircraft with the equipment. The Dubai carrier is to invest $27 million installing the system, which will enable passengers to use their own mobiles in flight. Emirates hopes to make the facility available from January. It will begin the installation on its 43 Boeing 777s and expects to soon receive the 777s it has on order with the system fitted during production. Its Airbus A330/A340s will be equipped during scheduled maintenance.

Source: Flight International