Miami-based Aeronautical Engineers (AEI) handed over 28 freighter conversions in 2023, the majority of which were modified Boeing 737-800s.

In all, the company shipped 18 737-800SF conversions, plus five 737-400SFs, a pair of MD-80SFs and three Bombardier CRJ200SFs.

AE 737-800SF second-a-Aeronautical Engineers

Source: Aeronautical Engineers

Company specialises in conversions of Boeing 737-800

However, AEI predicts deliveries in 2024, the majority of which will again be the 737-800SF, will be slightly down year on year due to over-capacity in the passenger-to-freighter conversion market.

“AEI had a solid year in 2023, yet we also understand that the narrowbody freighter market became overbuilt during the pandemic era,” says Robert Convey, AEI senior vice-president of sales and marketing.

“We have been predicting and planning for a moderation in the market over the next 12 months or so to accommodate current demand.”

AEI will use the downturn to complete feasibility studies for the conversion of 737-900 and CRJ900 aircraft, it says.