Egypt’s prime minister has stated that the government intends to open the management and operation of airports to the private sector.

Mostafa Madbouly made the declaration during a roundtable at the transport and logistics event Trans MEA in Cairo, which opened on 5 November.

The roundtable included more than 20 specialist international firms, says the Egyptian cabinet.

Trans MEA-c-Egyptian cabinet

Source: Egyptian cabinet

Madbouly expressed interest in greater private-sector involvement during the Trans MEA event

Madbouly discussed the Egyptian government’s interest in partnering with the private sector in the transportation field.

The cabinet says he stressed that the government was “keen” to encourage private involvement.

“We have certainty that the private sector is best suited to manage and operate various projects and facilities,” it adds.

It says this covers both sea and land ports, adding that the government plans to offer opportunities for private companies to operate airports – although the cabinet did not refer to any specific facilities.

Around 2001-02 the Egyptian government established a holding company, EHCAAN, for airports and air navigation, which has subsidiaries including the Egyptian Airports Company and Cairo Airport Company.