Estonian cargo charter carrier Avem Aero has introduced an Antonov An-12 heavy freighter to its fleet capabilities.

The company has previously used Saab 340, ATR 72 and An-26 cargo transports.

But it states that, from 12 June, it will provide An-12 capacity enabling it to “enter new niches”, including military carriage, and expand its network.

Avem is sourcing the An-12 through an agreement with Ukrainian operator Motor Sich, identifying the airframe as UR-11316.

It says the An-12 can transport a payload of 18t and has a range of 1,940nm (3,600km).

An-12-c-Avem Aero

Source: Avem Aero

Avem will use this An-12 which was originally delivered to the Soviet armed forces in 1969

The aircraft is “ideal” for outsize cargo, military logistics and humanitarian aid, says Tallinn-based Avem.

“This is an important and promising step,” says chief executive Nikolay Kurbanov.

“In light of the ongoing challenges in the urgent charter transportation sector for automotive parts, we needed a solution to diversify our operations to meet the market’s needs better.”

Avem has been operating in the urgent-cargo sector for around six years, primarily serving Europe, Asia and northern Africa.