Honeywell has been picked by Sweden’s Heart Aerospace to supply fly-by-wire (FBW) flight controls for its ES-30 hybrid-electric aircraft.

Initially selected for the joint-definition phase of the ES-30’s development, Heart says the goal is to fully integrate the flight-control system into the eventual production aircraft.

Heart says the joint-definition phase is due to run until the beginning of 2024.


Source: Heart Aerospace

Honeywell’s FBW system is being developed for several aircraft types and “its functions are adaptable to the ES-30, allowing Heart to bring its airplane to market quickly and cost-effectively,” the Swedish firm says.

Honeywell describes the FBW system as a “ready-now solution” that will reduce “development time and risk for Heart”.

Gothenburg-based Heart is targeting certification and service entry for the 30-passenger ES-30 in 2028.

It holds 250 firm orders for the ES-30, with options and purchase rights for another 120 aircraft, plus 91 options.