Chinese urban air mobility firm EHang has listed a suggested retail price for its newly certificated EH216-S electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft – the first time pricing information has been made public. 

The Guangzhou-based firm says its passenger EH216-S will be sold in China at close to CNY2.4 million ($338,000) per unit, effective 1 April. 

EHang EH216-S

Source: EHang

EHang’s EH216-S will be sold at CNY2.4 million per unit

The price takes into consideration “the market potential and substantial industry scale of China’s low-altitude economy, coupled with the global trend of rapid growth in low-altitude aerial services”, says EHang, adding that it is releasing the pricing to “more effectively cater to the market needs”. 

The EH216-S clinched Chinese certification in October 2023. About two months later, the programme received its airworthiness certificate, allowing initial deliveries to commence. 

Says EHang founder and chief executive Huazhi Hu: “The low-altitude economy and its related industries present a significant market opportunity for our [urban air mobility] development and serve as a new engine for future economic growth in China.

”We remain committed to safety in aircraft research, production, operation, and commercial services, which ensures that each of our pilotless aircraft continues to lead in innovation.” 

The EH216-S is a pilotless and battery-powered eVTOL capable of carrying two passengers. EHang has touted the EH216’s capabilities for various missions such as low-altitude sightseeing and urban tourism.

Outside of China, the company has secured orders for the type from customers in Asia, including Indonesia and Malaysia.