Moldovan infrastructure minister Andrei Spinu has met with representatives of Munich airport as the government looks for potential strategic partners to develop Chisinau airport.

Spinu had highlighted modernisation of Chisinau airport in a mid-September speech outlining a sweeping infrastructure plan for the country.

He stated that the airport’s capacity was limited to 3 million passengers, while forecasts had indicated demand rising to 5 million over the next few years.

“Construction of a new terminal to European standards to connect people, the diaspora and the European business environment with that of Moldova must start as soon as possible,” he said.

He estimated that a minimum of €200 million ($210 million) investment was required.

Chisinau airport-c-Moldova infrastructure ministry

Source: Moldova infrastructure ministry

Chisinau is the main airport in Moldova

Spinu recently returned from a visit to Munich and points out that the airport’s operator also manages facilities including Sofia airport and a Newark terminal, and offers such services as consulting and design of airport masterplans.

“We continue to explore the best options to attract a strategic partner to invest, develop, modernise and operate Chisinau airport according to the highest international standards,” he says.

Spinu states that he discussed the Chisinau airport development plans with Munich officials, including the expansion of terminal capacity, improvement of passenger services, and the attraction of new airlines to broaden the network.