Sudan’s civil aviation authority has notified that airspace over the country is closed, with a suspension of air navigation services within the Khartoum flight information region.

The measure follows the conflict between government and paramilitary forces which broke out on 15 April and which has included attacks at Khartoum airport that have damaged aircraft.

NOTAM information issued on behalf of the Sudanese regulator states that “due to security reasons” air navigation services are “not available” within Khartoum FIR and also above 24,500ft over neighbouring South Sudan.

According to the Rapid Support Forces, the paramilitary group involved in the conflict, stated on 15 April that it was in control of “air navigation in all of Sudan”.

Pan-European air navigation organisation Eurocontrol has advised operators intending to transit Khartoum FIR that – according to Cairo area control centre – the airspace is shut and unable to produce NOTAMs.

khartoum airport-c-Google Maps

Source: Google Maps

Khartoum airport is the primary hub in Sudan

Eurocontrol is advising carriers to gather information, including conflict zone information bulletins, and take into account all relevant information to make risk assessments.

Saudia and SkyUp Airlines have already disclosed that aircraft in their fleets have been caught up in the situation at Khartoum, and several other aircraft have reportedly been damaged.