Mexican low cost carrier Interjet and Airbus today plan to operate the first jatropha-based biofuel flight in Mexico with an Airbus A320.

The flight is planned from Mexico City International airport to Angel Albino Corzo of Tuxtla Gutierrez airport in the southern State of Chiapas.

One of the two CFM International engines powering the aircraft will use 30% jatropha biofuel processed by Honeywell subsidiary UOP.

The jatropha being used for the flight is sourced from Chiapas.

Interjet originally aimed to conduct a bio-fuel demo flight last year, but had to postpone the testing after Arizona-based feedstock supplier Global Seawater failed to supply enough fuel in time.

Global Seawater originally aimed to supply salicornia, a type of algae indigenous to northern Mexico, for Interjet's biofuel demo.

ATI reported in January that Interjet is also aiming to conduct a biofuel demo flight between Toulouse and Paris Le Bourget in June to coincide with the Paris air show.

Source: Air Transport Intelligence news