Airbus carried out the first high-energy rejected take-off (RTO) test this weekend with the A380, paving the way for its "early long flights" and eventual route-proving missions.

The European manufacturer carried out the test using manufacturer's serial number 001 "yesterday afternoon". It was flown by engineering test pilot Etienne Tarnowski and flight test engineer Robert Lignee. The Rolls Royce Trent 900-powered test aircraft MSN001 had previously been on display at the Farnborough air show with partially worn brakes ready for the trial.

Airbus says the aircraft did not perform the test with total maximum energy for the type, but adds that the take-off weight came "close to" that figure. The test went as planned and will enable to aircraft to enter the next phase of its test programme, the early long flights over the Atlantic with Airbus personnel onboard.

The maximum energy RTO test will follow at the end of the flight test programme, ahead of route-proving missions to be agreed with launch customers, Airbus adds.


Source: Flight International