Forecast Airbus believes China may require more new narrowbody aircraft in the coming years than previously anticipated as a result of growth in the low-cost carrier (LCC) market. The airframe manufacturer said in Hong Kong last week that it expects China will need 1,790 new aircraft seating more than 100 passengers by 2023, trebling the size of the country's passenger fleet by 2023. Of the total, it expects 200 will be in the "very large" category, including for use on domestic routes; 280 will be in the 350- to 400-seat category; 440 will be in the 250- to 300-seat category; and 870 will be in the single-aisle category seating more than 100. However, it says the number of single-aisle aircraft that are required "could be even higher depending on the pace of LCC development in the Chinese market".

Source: Flight International