Airbus will make a decision on the engine that will power its planned A400M military transport by September, Noel Forgeard Airbus president and chief executive said at the show yesterday.


The race to power the aircraft is between Pratt & Whitney and EPI, the joint venture between Rolls-Royce, MTU, Snecma and ITP.

A decision on the programme is expected by the end of the year.

"The business logic is to make the choice after the contract [for the whole programme] is awarded," said Forgeard. "The technical logic is to make a decision earlier because on these big turboprops there are some complex issues to be worked out."

Forgeard added: "We will make a decision based on value for money because we cannot make any decision that is not driven by commercial considerations."

Forgeard was speaking during a wide-ranging discussion on the "state of the nation" at Airbus. He said the company was thriving, with three new models – the A318, A340-600/500 and the A380 – entering service, working for certification or being built.

The A380, with 97 sales, had reached 40% of the 250 order figure needed for the programme to break even.


Airbus has also just released its first detailed environmental report which sets out the company's goals and achievements in ensuring its products have minimal impact on the environment.

"We consider this action to be extremely important for Airbus and for the future of air transport," said Forgeard.

Meanwhile, the Airbus company-wide cost-saving programme has cut costs by 130 million Euros and the firm is "on target" to achieve 500 million Euros savings by 2004.

Source: Flight Daily News