Airbus is to slow plans to increase production rates on its A320 and A330/A340 family aircraft citing current uncertainties in the aviation market.

The European manufacturer will still reach a monthly production rate of 36 A320 family aircraft at the end of this year, but is putting a freeze on plans to increase this further to 38 next year and 40 in 2010.

"We decided due to the uncertainties in the aviation market caused by worldwide financial crisis to review production plans for the A320 family aircraft," explains an Airbus spokeswoman.

"In December we will reach 36 and we will keep at that rate instead of going to 40 as previously planned in 2010."

Similarly plans to raise the production rate of its A330/A340 family by the end of 2010 have also been scaled back. It currently builds eight a month and will grow this to 10 a month by the end of 2010 rather than 11 a month.

She though adds the company will retain the ability to ramp up production rates next year dependent on market conditions.

Source: Air Transport Intelligence news