Aircraft Industries on 15 July rolled out the first example of the enhanced NG variant of its long-running Let L-410 commuter turboprop.

First flight of the model is anticipated in the coming days from its facility at Kunovice airport in the Czech Republic.

Changes over the previous L-410UVP-E20 include a modified wing and additional fuel tanks – increasing range to 1,350nm (2,500km) and endurance to 10h – a larger cargo compartment, and a Garmin G3000 full-glass cockpit.

The NG additionally gains a GE Aviation H85 engine, which boasts maximum take-off power of 850hp (634kW), while cutting the maximum propeller speed to 1,950rpm from 2,080rpm previously. Cruise speed also rises to 225kt (417km/h).

Although the 19-passenger aircraft is principally targeted at short-haul commuter operations in remote or underdeveloped areas, the Russian-owned manufacturer also highlights its suitability as a maritime patrol or surveillance platform.

Serial production is scheduled to begin in 2017, with output eventually rising to 30 aircraft per year, it says.