Airbus unveiled more details of its exciting new galley cart SPICE (Space Innovative Catering Equipment) at the show yesterday to positive response from visiting airline executives.

The new concept replaces the traditional catering trolley with light-weight low cost boxes, and foldable carts for service. A transfer table has been developed which enables better use of storage space above work surfaces, and enhances galley ergonomics.

“SPICE is an all in one device with the main drivers being to improve catering, save on weight, increase aircraft space and keep in with the ergonomic trend,” says senior analyst Daniel Percy.

These innovations combine to improve aircraft efficiency as well as weight savings of around 20 percent. 

“Airlines have more flexibility with being able to choose their own boxes.  Customers can even use cardboard boxes which will minimise the cost dramatically. The boxes can be recyclable or be durable, depending on customers need.”

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Sixty percent of occupational injuries occur in galleys. SPICE is able to save on galley space by up to 25 percent which decreases the risk of such injuries and enables the airline the option to add more seats.

“Aircraft don’t have to have as many carts on board because of the all-in-one design.  Trolleys can also be left on board the aircraft as boxes can be filled with food, unlike regular trolleys where the whole thing has to be removed,” says Percy.

As well as the compartment doors being aesthetically improved to match the rest of the cabin, compartments are also fully refrigerated, keeping food fresher.

Airbus won the prestigious Crystal Cabin award last year in the Comfort and Health category for this innovative product.

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Source: Flight Daily News