Airline staff may soon be greeting passengers in a uniquely designed ‘welcome area’ as Heath Techna launches the ‘Ful/Fil’ and Social Zone concept
The concept fuses aesthetic design, functionality and in-flight variation for the passenger while airlines look to diverse interior architecture. Industrial designer John Tighe says: “Airlines are increasingly looking at product differentiation and looking for the special ‘X’ factor in their cabin. Most people will pass through the zone when they get on and will remember it.”

The zone features the ‘Ful/Fil’ bar with a striking design feature that integrates with the aircraft interior sidewall curvature. Once in flight, the Ful/Fil bar’s sweeping concave backdrop and inset storage compartments are illuminated with mood lighting as it converts in to a funky bar. Tighe says: “The lighting is most important and the mood will change throughout the flight.” 

 Designer John Tighe toasts the success of the new zone bar

The bar’s storage compartments have been specifically designed to display a selection of refreshments allowing passengers to go to the bar at any time for a drink and choose from a range of dining options between scheduled meal services.

The unit incorporates secure, self retaining storage which enables the outer shelving to remain stocked throughout the flight and extra storage for meal boxes or additional supplies is also available in the lower structure.

The nature of the design means the unit can be adapted to various commercial and aircraft profiles according to airline’s requirements.

Passengers will also have the chance to escape from their seats during long-haul flights and socialise with other passengers, or to grab a magazine from the integral literature racks, and relax in the softly lit ‘social zone’ complete with a leather upholstered sofa.

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Source: Flight Daily News