Hamburg is the launching pad for a new low maintenance and cost saving solution to aisle and cabin surfaces from Schneller.

Schneller, develops and manufactures engineered decorative laminate and non-textile floor coverings for transportation and architectural industries. The company says it found that customers were unhappy with carpet textiles in galleys, aisles, cabin flooring under seats and in lavatories so set to work on a solution to change that. 

Designers came up with AerEase, an attractive non-textile cabin flooring with easy installation and cleaning, as well as long wearing durability.

Schneller“Customers find it tiresome changing the carpets in the aisles and galleys all the time.  AerEase lets them clean the floor within the aircraft as opposed to having to remove the carpets to clean them, which also saves customers money,” says project marketing manager, Eric Dirand. “Carpets can get very smelly and dirty, what AerEase does is improve on hygiene levels as well as proving far more cost effective to the customer.  They can be colour matched to the rest of the aircraft interior, and are easily installed and are low maintenance.”

 “We have conducted a few trials with customers with great results, so we are looking forward to introducing and demonstrating AerEase here. Hopefully we will be able to generate a lot of leads and start selling our new and exciting product,” says Dirand.

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Source: Flight Daily News