Representatives of the Aircraft Fleet Recycling Association (AFRA) want 90% of materials salvaged from scrapped aircraft to be recycled by 2016.

The organisation will attempt to ensure that recycled materials re-enter the aviation supply chain, rather than being "down-cycled" into inferior products.

Together with Boeing, AFRA also hopes to reduce the amount of aircraft manufacturing waste destined for landfill by 25% by 2012.

AFRA says that 12,000 aircraft will fall out of service in the next 20 years and reports that in the last decade 90% of scrapped aircraft have come from the parked fleet.

With this in mind it wants to increase the residual value of older parked aircraft through improvements to recycling processes that allow more valuable materials to be recovered and reused in the aircraft production cycle.

NWA  A320 scraped 

Source: Flight International