Brazil's civil aviation authority has certificated Embraer's nine-passenger Praetor 500, a milestone marking the end of what has been a fast-moving development programme.

Embraer publicly launched development of the Praetor 500 and its larger, 12-passenger sibling, the Praetor 600, in October 2018 during the NBAA business jet convention in Orlando.

Six months later, in April, Brazil certificated the Praetor 600, and Embraer delivered the first of that type in late June.

News of Brazil's certification of the Praetor 500 comes during the LABACE business jet conference in Sao Paulo. With the approval Embraer achieved it goal of achieving certification in the third quarter.

The company did not respond immediately to requests for comment about when US authorities might certificate the 500.

Praetor 500

Embraer's Praetor 500 has about 350nm more range than predecessor Legacy 450


The Praetor 500 and 600 are derivatives of the Embraer's Legacy 450 and 500, sharing the same fuselage and wing.

But the Praetor's Honeywell HTF7500E powerplants produce an additional 500lb-thrust (2.23kN), and additional fuel capacity give both new types more range than their predecessors.

With four passengers the Praetor 500 can operate routes of 3,250nm (6,020km), up from the Legacy 450's 2,904nm range. The Praetor 500 can cruise at 466kt and takeoff in roughly 4,220ft. The Praetor 500 can be outfitted with traditional seating for eight passengers, but can carry nine passengers thanks to a "belted lavatory seat", says Embraer.

The 12-passenger Praetor 600 has range with four passengers of 4,018nm, compared to the Legacy 500's 3,125nm range.

Praetors are also the only midsize and super-midsize business jets with fly-by-wire flight control systems, says Embraer.

Praetor 500 cabin

The Praetor 500 can carry up to nine passengers