Eviation’s all-electric aircraft Alice has completed its first flight.

The prototype took off from Grant County International airport on 27 September for the first time, a major milestone for a company that aims to have Alice carrying paying passengers within several years.

Screenshot of a livestream of Alice

Source: Eviation

Eviation’s Alice accelerates down a Moses Lake runway on 27 September, for its first flight

The aircraft (registration N882EV) took off at about 07:12 local time. It turned right and overflew the runway several times before landing back at Moses Lake at about 07:20 local time.

The first flight had been postponed several times, with the company having for months insisted that first flight was imminent.

Eviation is among leaders in the still-unproven electric-aircraft space, and stands apart in its success in actually getting a prototype into the sky.

Eviation says Alice will be a nine-seat commuter aircraft with 440nm (815km) of range and maximum cruise speed of 250kt (463km/h). It will be capable of carrying 1,134kg (2,500lb) of payload and will have a maximum take-off weight of 7,484kg, according to Eviation.

Alice is powered by twin 850hp (634kW) Magnix Magni650 electric motors.

US regional airline Cape Air is the type’s launch customer, though other airlines – including US carrier Global Express — have agree to buy the type.