Embraer has again hinted at its interest in a potential future turboprop development, but insists the E-Jet range will remain its core focus, whatever it eventually produces as the "E3".

John Slattery, chief executive of Embraer Commercial Aviation, says that as its current development programmes enter service in the period to 2021, engineering resources will become available "and we want to deploy that optimally".

He adds: "At some point we will think about what the E3 is. It could be anything...

"I would like to do another platform to complement the E2."

Slattery says the E-Jet family will be its "core focus" in the future, but rules out a larger jet that would compete with Airbus and Boeing.

However, Embraer is watching the entire regional market with interest, he says. "It is incumbent on us as market leader in the regional space to look at what opportunities may be presented in the coming years.

"It is also fair to say that the technology being presented to the market in the turboprop space is aged from a powerplant and materials perspective."

Slattery says he "commends" ATR for its sales performance, which has given it an "almost monopolistic position in the marketplace" against Bombardier's Q400.

"At some points it does cause me pause for thought," he adds.

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Source: Cirium Dashboard