While some leading air taxi companies are sparring over geographic operating areas, US developer Wisk Aero has seemingly held back on publicly identifying places where it could fly passengers with its autonomous electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft. 

The California-based start-up identified one region of interest on 21 February by disclosing that it has an agreement with the city of Sugar Land, Texas to develop autonomous air taxi services in the Houston area. 


Source: Wisk Aero

Sugar Land will work to establish policies and permitting processes for air taxi operations through its partnership with Wisk

Prior to the announcement, Wisk had indicated interest in just one other city in the USA – Long Beach, California. 

“The greater Houston area is experiencing some of the highest population growth in the country, which calls for new and efficient ways to move across the region,” says Brian Yutko, Wisk’s chief executive. “Sugar Land’s strategic location… and its forward-thinking leadership make it an ideal partner for us.” 

Sugar Land is located about 18 miles (30km) southwest of downtown Houston. Wisk will work with the municipalitity to develop vertiport infrastructure at Sugar Land Regional airport, as well as maintenance and training facilities. 

”Wisk spent the past 18 months actively developing an ecosystem of stakeholders and local relationships that will play a critical role under this new agreement, and in helping achieve long-term success for future air taxi services,” it says. 

Wisk is currently assembling the production prototype of its sixth-generation aircraft and plans to fly the vehicle this year.