Administrators for grounded Australian carrier Bonza have extended the cancellation of flights for a further two weeks as they continue to evaluate options for saving the company.

Bonza entered administration after grounding flights when it was served with aircraft lease terminations on 29 April, leaving it with no operational fleet.

Bonza 737 Max 8 2 Trimmed

Source: Bonza

Bonza’s first 737 Max 8 arrives at Sunshine Coast

Administrators from Hall Chadwick had earlier extended the grounding until 14 May after judging it was unlikely to get its seized Boeing 737 Max 8 jets back from the lessor. It has now extended that grounding until 29 May.

”The administrators have continued to be in discussions and meetings with various investors‚ other airlines and companies from the travel industry over the weekend and early this week,” Hall Chadwick says in an update on 14 May.

It had previously told creditors during a meeting on 10 May that it has liaised with over 20 parties without providing specific details.

”The administrators advised creditors…. that a timeframe for interested parties would be set. To that end‚ we have set and communicated that timeframe to interested parties,” it says.

”To finalise those negotiations‚ the administrators have cancelled flights up to and including 29 May 2024.”