China Southern Airlines aims to move its entire Beijing operations to the capital city’s new Daxing International airport by March 2021. 

In an update, China Southern states that from 12 April to 2 May, it will move an additional 50% of its flights from Beijing Capital to Beijing Daxing. No details were given on which routes will be moved during the period. 

The carrier will now have 60% of its Beijing operations out of Daxing, including the initial 10% capacity transfer it undertook when Daxing first opened in October. 

China Southern adds that its operations at Daxing will make up 40% of total traffic from the airport by May. 

The carrier was one of the first to operate out of Daxing before the airport was officially opened in October, operating flights Guangzhou in late-September. 

The carrier will also base more than 200 aircraft the Beijing Daxing by 2025, making it the largest carrier to operate out of the airport.