Japan Airlines (JAL) will commence dedicated freighter operations in February next year, with an initial network of points around North Asia.

The airline has taken its first dedicated freighter in 13 years, a converted Boeing 767-300ER that previously operated with the Tokyo-based carrier on passenger services.

JAL Cargo 767

Source: Japan Airlines

Converted freighter will be deployed on routes from Tokyo to Seoul and Shanghai

JAL will deploy the freighter on flights from Tokyo Narita and Nagoya to Taipei, Seoul Incheon, as well as Shanghai Pudong. The first flight is set for 19 February, the airline adds.

“The operation of the freighters will enhance stable and flexible air transportation capabilities, ensuring a steady supply. Furthermore, the development of a network strategy based on growing demand will ensure the satisfaction of customer needs and contribute to the sustainable development of the logistics infrastructure,” states JAL.

The airline in May first disclosed plans to operate the 767 converted freighters, as part of “new business” plans to capture “stable and growing demand” in the cargo market.

The Oneworld carrier last operated dedicated freighters in 2011, when it retired its fleet of 747-400 freighters. Since then, JAL says it has utilised cargo space on its passenger aircraft, as well as chartering other companies’ freighters in response to demand.