Vietnam Airlines has announced plans to sell 11 Airbus A321s through a competitive tender.

The airline announced the proposal in a brief statement on its web site, and has asked for bids by 29 June 2021.

Vietnam Airlines A321

Source: Greg Waldron/FlightGlobal

A Vietnam Airlines A321 at Changi Airport in July 2019

The airline did not reply to FlightGlobal’s request for comment regarding the sale.

Cirium fleets data indicates that Vietnam Airlines has fleet of 107 aircraft, of which 50 are A321s. The average age of the A321 fleet is 9.9 years.

The aircraft on sale are the oldest A321s in the Vietnam Airline’s fleet, with an average age of 14.4 years.

The aircraft are powered by IAE V2500s. All are listed as in service apart from the aircraft bearing the MSN 2261.

In addition to its A321s, the airline operates 20 A321neos powered by Pratt & Whitey PW1000s, with one additional A321neo on order.

A321s in Vietnam Airlines sale
MSN Build Year Age
2255 2004 17
2261 2004 17
2974 2007 14.5
3005 2007 14.4
3013 2007 14.4
3022 2007 14.3
3198 2007 13.9
3315 2007 13.6
3355 2008 13.4
3600 2008 12.9
3737 2008 12.5
Source: Cirium fleets data  

In early May, Vietnam Airlines reported that its after-tax loss ballooned to D4.6 trillion ($200 million) for the three months ended 31 March, widening from a D1.8 trillion after tax loss from a year earlier.

The carrier attributed the losses to the coronavirus pandemic.

In April, the carrier detailed plans to shore up its financial position. These included availing itself of government support via reductions of various fees and taxes, as well as taking government loans. It made no mention, however, of aircraft sales.

Vietnam enjoyed success in its management of Covid-19 throughout 2020, enabling its airlines to continue flying domestically, although pricing pressure for local flights is very strong. A recent outbreak of Covid-19, which has seen Ho Chi Minh City locked down, will hurt prospects for the country’s airlines.