Vietnam will cease issuing visas for incoming visitors over the next 30 days as the country seeks to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

According to a government web site, exceptions include overseas Vietnamese and their spouses and children, but only if they can submit papers that prove they have not tested positive for the virus.

“Foreigners who are experts, business managers, and highly skilled workers” must also submit papers proving they are not positive for the virus, which originated in China and has since become a global pandemic.

Vietnam has aggressively imposed 14 day quarantines on many arriving passengers. Footage of angry travellers arguing with officials at airports have appeared on social media.

“In addition to the current quarantine measures, the government has decided that all incoming travellers from the US, Europe and ASEAN countries shall be subject to centralised quarantine,” adds the government.

“Competent authorities shall supervise and medically monitor those who are not subject to centralized quarantine during their mandatory isolation at place of residence.”

Passengers flying into and out of Vietnam are required to wear masks at all times aboard the aircraft.

Separately, Vietnam Airlines said it will temporary suspend flights between Malaysia and France from 17 March. Malaysia is under full lockdown, with no new arrivals allowed and no Malaysian citizens allowed to leave.

The Malaysian suspension will run from 18 to 31 March, when the country’s lockdown is lifted. The airline gave no timeframe for when France services will resume.

“Upon receiving updated rulings from the authorities, Vietnam Airlines will announce its operational resumption of flights to France and Malaysia, accordingly,” says the carrier.

“For other destinations, the airline will continue to monitor the situation and implement appropriate adjustments in response to any new resolutions passed by these governments. Vietnam Airlines will continuously update the latest information for passengers in Vietnam as well as Vietnamese nationals in foreign countries.”