AVIC's FTC-2000 advanced jet trainer has made its air show debut, appearing on the Zhuhai static line and performing in the show's flying display.

The aircraft performing in the flying display sported a desert camouflage scheme and AVIC promotional markings.

At its stand AVIC displayed a model of a new variant, the FTC-2000G, which offers seven hard points compared with five for the baseline FTC-2000. It's maximum takeoff weight is also higher at 11,000kg, compared with 9,800kg for the FTC-2000.

AVIC has long promoted the FTC-2000 at the Zhuhai show. The type has been in service with the People's Liberation Army Air Force for several years. It is powered by a single Guizhou Liyang WP-13 engine equipped with an afterburner.

AVIC also plans to conduct its first flight of the L-15B, a variant of the L-15A. Unlike the L-15A, the L-15B will be equipped with an afterburner, giving it a maximum speed of 1.4 Mach.

This comes six years after AVIC announced that an afterburner would be added to the L-15, under the L-15 LIFT initiative.

The L-15 version is powered by a pair of Ivchenko Progress AI-222K-25 jet engines, while the L-15B uses the AI-222K-25F.

Source: FlightGlobal.com