Alaska Airlines will begin offering premium economy seats on its aircraft in the first half of 2015, the Seattle-based airline announces.

The move is among a number of initiatives that are expected to generate $100 million in additional revenue for Alaska in 2015, says the company’s senior vice president of planning and revenue management Andrew Harrison.

Harrison, who made his comments during a series of presentations made by the company to investors on 4 December, says premium economy seats should contribute $15 million to Alaska’s bottom line next year.

The airline will offer three rows of premium economy seats on its Boeing 737s. The seats will have 7-9in more legroom than Alaska’s basic economy seats and will be priced at a $15-$50 premium, says Harrison.

Alaska also expects that its recent increase in baggage and change fees, the addition of more seats to its aircraft and other efforts will generate an addition $30 million next year, says Harrison.

In addition, pricing changes and revenue management improvements will contribute an additional $50 million in revenue, he adds.

Source: Cirium Dashboard