Alenia Aeronautica and the Italian air force have completed integration and functional trials of a defensive aids subsystem (DASS) for the service’s C-27J Spartan tactical transports.

The trials were conducted over a 10-day period earlier this year at the Salto di Quirra test range in Sardinia.

A DASS-equipped aircraft flew seven sorties under a range of electronic warfare scenarios, including against air-defence aircraft and ground-based surveillance and tracking radars. Chaff and flares were released in different flying conditions against laser and ultra-violet threat stimulators.

© Luca Peruzzi

Certification of the C-27J's DASS is due after aircraft and avionics trials

Integrated by Alenia and controlled through a dual-redundant 1553B databus using an electronic warfare management unit provided by Selex Communications, the self-protection suite includes Elettronica AR3-C radar warning receivers, Selex/EADS MILDS II (AAR-60) missile warners, Selex laser warners and a MES chaff and flare dispenser suite with 14 magazines.

Alenia and the Italian air force are now running the last series of aircraft and avionics trials, to certificate the aircraft configuration by mid-year.

The air force will take delivery of its first C-27J later this year.

Source: Flight International