RSK MiG has invited Algeria and India to exchange their small fleets of MiG-25s for new MiG-31 interceptors in buy-back deals that would support the design bureau’s bid to extend MiG-25 operations for Libya and Syria.

RSK MiG says it is offering two MiG-25 users a trade-in deal that would enable them to acquire new-build MiG-31s to be produced at Sokol’s Nizhny Novgorod plant in exchange for their ageing MiG-25s. The offer is believed to have been made to Algeria and India, which are expected to withdraw their entire MiG-25R/U fleets within the next three to five years. Should the countries accept the offer, their MiG-25s will be disassembled and used as spare parts to sustain Libyan and Syrian aircraft.

RSK MiG deputy general director Vladimir Vypryazhkin says new health-monitoring and preventive maintenance techniques and modern logistics practices developed by the bureau in support of the German air force’s former MiG-29 fleet could enable current MiG-25 operators to keep their aircraft in use for up to 10 more years.

The Russian air force plans to replace its remaining MiG-25 reconnaissance and strike aircraft with MiG-31 variants.

Source: Flight International